Our Team

Alfred Euaik Tan, MD, Lead Investigator

Dr. Tan attended UC Berkeley as an undergraduate. He then graduated from UCSF School of Medicine. He has lived and practiced medicine in the San Francisco Bay Area for more than thirty years. 

Tim Davis, Site Manager

Site Manager since 2007.  Tim has managed the daily research operations. He incorporates both his medical experience and advertising background to promote high volunteer enrollment.  

Joseph Yusaf Mardanzai, MD, Investigator

Dr. Mardanzai's specialty is Internal Medicine.  

Ann Nye, MD, Investigator

 Dr. Nye's specialty is Internal Medicine.

Uma Garikipati, Research Coordinator

San Francisco State Clinical Trials

Ghulam Ahmadi Research Coordinator

Kelli Davis, PT, Research Coordinator

Sponsors and CROs choose us because..


Warm and inviting facility

Qualified physicians and certified research staff

Qualified physicians and certified research staff

We are an independent research company founded in 2007.  We operate out of private practice offices in San Ramon, CA. San .Ramon We have 6 exam rooms including a large CRC office, a blood draw area with a centrifuge, a locked cabinet for regulatory and source documents, temperature controlled drug storage cabinet, a medical refrigerator and -20°C freezer, and a large array of other medical equipment.


Qualified physicians and certified research staff

Qualified physicians and certified research staff

Qualified physicians and certified research staff

 We have a well qualified team of professionals devoted to excellence in all aspects of research.  Our team is comprised of our Principal Investigators, Alfred Tan M.D. whose specialty is internal medicine and two sub-investigators. In addition, we have 3 experienced and detail oriented study coordinators and a site manager dedicated to to subject recruitment.  

We have built excellent relationships with the CROs and sponsors that we have worked with. .


Strong subject enrollment and retention

Qualified physicians and certified research staff

Strong subject enrollment and retention

Our  San Francisco Bay Area location enables us to have access to a large subject population in a family oriented setting.  Our Principal Investigator is well established in the medical community and has a large electronic patient database.  In addition, our large research database includes interested participants that we routinely send emails ans letters to inform them about upcoming studies. The response has been invaluable!  

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Please call or email our Site Manager Tim Davis.

West Coast Research LLC

11030 Bollinger Canyon Road, Suite 240, San Ramon, California 94582

phone (925) 413-1451 email tdavis@westcoastresearch.com



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